We are dedicated to helping make the lives of all levels of the international football community easier and therefore offer a range of world class services ranging from bespoke technical advice from our team of coaching staff and curriculum experts to strategic commercial consultancy. Read some of our case studies and email us anytime at sales@coachfx.com


Brief:To animate and illustrate a curriculum of grassroots coaching content to support emerging football national governing bodies and the coach education within their respective nation.

Approach:CoachFX worked with an existing booklet of coaching content provided by the Technical Director at FIFA. Following review, animations and illustration were created with players depicting different ethnicities and genders. FIFA then physically distributed the content through DVD's across emerging nations as well as making it available online at FIFA.com

Key Services:Content interpretation, animation and illustration in different formats.

Results:Creation of 100+ animated and illustrated drills shared globally on FIFA.com.


Fernando Tresaco (Former Head of Referee Development – FIFA) "I would be delighted to endorse coachfx as the software of choice for the FIFA referee instructors. We have deployed the software with all of our Referee Assistance Programme technical instructors and fitness instructors and have used the coachfx team to train them. Painting a picture is so important in the learning process with developing referees and coachfx allows our staff to quickly create realistic game situations, fitness drills and integrated training drills.”


Brief:To create and distribute coaching content to support the adidas soccer club partnership programme in the US.

Approach:CoachFX were approached by adidas in the US to enhance the benefits provided to their partner soccer clubs with a specific focus on education and development. The company researched the market and compiled a programme of development across 5 age groups with over 200 drills covering technical, tactical and physical themes. An activation plan was developed to align to the adidas sales process with minimum time required by adidas allowing them to focus on their core business whilst we help add value to the adidas/club relationship by providing coaching content.

Key Services:Curriculum Development, Resource Creation

Results:80%+ uptake from adidas partner clubs.

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLekBWqgQV9d3LELQkRrU_5XcdXdZ6UsnO https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLekBWqgQV9d1uaEM3A4kGzyxtc0WN_JCV

Steven Noble (adidas) - Our Generation adidas initiative in the US supports the development of adidas clubs and their coaches and players. We are delighted to have CoachFX as our education partner delivering extensive development curriculum and access to session design software for our clubs.

Asian Football Confederation

Brief:To design, build and maintain a standalone e-learning web portal incorporating all functions of the confederation including but not limited to refereeing, football development and medical.

Approach:CoachFX were approached along with a range of other international development companies to tender to build an e-learning web portal. Following researching the vast market that the AFC operates in with 46 member nations a design brief was compiled and signed off by the General Secretary and his team. Before the build, CoachFX spent a number of days with the leadership team of each function within the AFC devising a comprehensive specification requirement to meet the wide range of needs from each function. The build process commenced whilst liaising with the functional heads to fine tune each component of a site that included a hierarchal content management display and cms, integrated messaging, interactive testing and recording of data, live webinars, calendar notification system... all controlled by a content management system. Following launch, the site has gone through 6 phases of development to add new functionality and update the aesthetic presentation. Ongoing management and maintenance are provided and additionally, monthly metrics are summarised provided to the leadership team at the AFC.

Key Services:Web Development, Resource Creation

Results:95% use across the 46 national governing bodies with the Asian Football Confederation.

Ameez Mohamed (Referee Development Manager – Asian Football Confederation) “AFC is delighted to have a long term partnership with CoachFX who have built, manage and continue to develop the first ever online education site in Asia – AFC On The Field. The site is now entering Phase #4 with over 300 staff in 46 countries accessing cutting edge technology and insight into the game."

Turkish Football Federation

Brief:To provide a software solution for the federation to create engaging resources for coaches across Turkey.

Approach:The TFF supplied CoachFX with a database of its 20+ technical staff, CoachFX then set up individual online accounts on the CoachFX 360 system (CoachFX LIVE) for each user. Training and user guides were then supplied to each staff member with follow up technical support ongoing. The TFF create coaching plans, drills etc then reproduce them in a variety of formats permitted under the license terms and conditions.

Key Services:Commercial Broadcast Licence

Results:250+ drills created by the TFF using the CoachFX 360 software system.

Oben Meralbaysal (Technical Department – Turkish Football Federation) “We have recently purchased the CoachFX 360 Broadcast Licence for our federation with 20 of our staff now creating coaching curriculum to share with the 10,000 coaches in Turkey. We have been delighted with the service from CoachFX and the product is fantastic.”

Celtic Football Club

Brief:To design and execute an international commercial strategy to drive incremental brand and commercial opportunities.

Approach:Focused on the soccer schools area of the business, the company devised a 5 year growth plan that started with a review of the existing business plan. Once the existing programme was reviewed the high yield products and territories were identified as a short term focus. Following this a 5 year business plan was drafted and signed off by the executive leadership team at Celtic FC. The next goal was to recruit a world class team of staff and prepare the portfolio of products that would support the growth forecasted in the 5 year plan. Individual territory strategies were drafted and managed through to execution. Following significant early growth, a broader range of products and services were offered, consistently positioning the club as innovators and leaders of industry.

Key Services:Strategic planning, recruitment, management of execution, executive reporting.

Results:Countries active - growth from 4 to 20. Number of partners increased from 11 to 70. Factor of X10 in revenue growth.