Adidas Club Partner Travel Channel (FREE)
by CoachFX


Number of Sessions: 10

Number of Drills: 30

Channel Type:

Channel Themes: Technical, Tactical

This channel includes:

3D images of sessions. Session notes. Videos of all drills.

About this Channel

This is a sample of a curriculum focussed on 10 weeks and 10 sessions with drills any coach can use to implement into their training programme.

  • Week 1 - Passing and Receiving
  • Week 2 -  Dribbling for Possession
  • Week 3 - Dribbling for to Beat an Opponent
  • Week 4 - Finishing
  • Week 5 - Attacking Principles
  • Week 6 - Defending Principles
  • Week 7 - Combination Passing
  • Week 8 - Changing Point of Attack
  • Week 9 - Transition
  • Week 10 - Speed and Agility

About Author

The platform forms part of an exclusive package of benefits provided by adidas to its parner clubs in the US.   adidas soccer is dedicated to the development of its partner clubs in the US and the platform, powered by our partners CoachFX, delivers world class coaching resources suitable for any club to implement.

With coaching content aimed at both players and coaches, each session is structured to deliver a progressive development programme over a number of weeks that is age and stage specific.

It is designed to complement the great work delivered by clubs across the country and support coaches and players as they maximise their own potential in our game.