MLS Affiliate Webinar - Football Model for Developing Young Players at Celtic FC Academy

A fantastic presentation by Head of Childrens' Football at Celtic FC Willie McNab on the process he has gone through to build and implement a football model at Celtic FC's Academy.

Attended by 50 coaches from the MLS Academies in the US it also offers an insight into how the process can be replicated elsewhere.

Willie takes the audience through the Purpose, Objective and Philosophy behind the player centric model that empowers creativity in both players and coaching staff.

He also expands into how he integrates Individual Development Plan sessions into the team sessions to provide players with the detail they need to improve.

A fantastic 90 mins with a highly respected youth coach and clinician.

MLS Affiliate Webinar 5 with Leeds United FC

90 minutes of fantastic insight with Adam Underwood - Head of Academy at Leeds United Football Club.

Adam guides the live audience through the structure and process he has built at LUFC in the 14 years he has been there and talks about his journey into his present role.

Great Q&A at the end as well!


MLS Affiliate Webinar 7 with Celtic FC

A brilliant 75 minute presentation and Q&A delivered by Celtic FC Women's Head Coach Fran Alonso.

Fran goes into great detail to give the audience an overview of his background, career to date and his football model and philosophy used with Celtic.