Number of Drills: 3

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Session Themes: CoachFX 360, Tutorial

This session includes:

Video tutorial

About this Session

3 video tutorials on the following:

  • Using Camera Controls
  • Creating illustrations
  • Changing Line Colours

About Author

CoachFX 360 is the World's Most Advanced drill design software in the football market.

Built by CoachFX it has been developed with a coach's mindset to give the most realistic version of your drill possible.

Easy to use it features:

  • Downloaded to your device to protect YOUR content.
  • PC and Mac versions available.
  • Smooth 3D lifelike motion of players, officials and balls.
  • 360 degree cameras to track your drill.
  • 3D players, officials, equipment, stadium and pitch types.
  • Vast library of equipment.
  • 8 different players and officials with multplie kit options.
  • Advanced analytical tools including player highlighters, touchline tracker, player linking and ball motion.
  • We also offer a branded version which will surround the stadium in your club or sponsor logo, drop us a note to find out more.

Cost is $199.00 in the first year then $20 for annual renewal.

Any questions please feel free to email us at sales@coachfx.com.