CoachFX 360 (3D Drill Designer)


About this product

CoachFX 360 is the World's Most Advanced drill design software in the football market.

Built by CoachFX it has been developed with a coach's mindset to give the most realistic version of your drill possible.

Easy to use it features:

  • Downloaded to your device to protect YOUR content.
  • PC and Mac versions available.
  • Smooth 3D lifelike motion of players, officials and balls.
  • 360 degree cameras to track your drill.
  • 3D players, officials, equipment, stadium and pitch types.
  • Vast library of equipment.
  • 8 different players and officials with multplie kit options.
  • Advanced analytical tools including player highlighters, touchline tracker, player linking and ball motion.

We also offer a branded version which will surround the stadium in your club or sponsor logo, drop us a note to find out more.

Cost is $199.00 in the first year then $20 for annual renewal.

Any questions please feel free to email us at


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Product Reviews

Adrian Parrish (State Director of Coaching – Kentucky Youth Soccer Association)

CoachFX is by far the leading coaching software company and I am extremely excited to have partnered with them to offer some of the most enhanced lesson plans for coaches. The software allows us to bring the session to life through animation before the coach prints it off and conducts it for the players. By teaming up with CoachFX, our members receive a better service for training their coaches, players and even officials.

Fernando Tresaco (Former Head of Referee Development – FIFA)

I would be delighted to endorse CoachFX as the software of choice for the FIFA referee instructors.   We have deployed the software with all of our Referee Assistance Programme technical instructors and fitness instructors and have used the CoachFX team to train them.   Painting a picture is so important in the learning process with developing referees and CoachFX allows our staff to quickly create realistic game situations, fitness drills and integrated training drills.

Oben Meralbaysal (Technical Department – Turkish Football Federation)

We purchased the CoachFX 360 Broadcast Licence for our federation with 20 of our staff now creating coaching curriculum to share with the 10,000 coaches in Turkey.   We have been delighted with the service from CoachFX and the product is fantastic.